More About Foxer

ChoiceofHull - optimised sizeHigh stability, fun to sail, unbeatable value for money

The FOXER dinghy is easy to sail and race as a sailing dinghy. There are large FOXER dinghy fleets in Hamble.

The FOXER dinghy is easy to row and can readily be used as a yacht tender. It can be davit mounted.

The FOXER dinghy does well with a small outboard motor (about 2 to 4hp) and can be lifted on davits with the motor fitted when used as a yacht tender.

As a yacht tender the FOXER dinghy can be rowed, motorised or sailed.

Because of the inner hull moulding the FOXER dinghy is comfortable to sit in. It has enough built in buoyancy between the hulls to keep the crew afloat. It cannot sink unless holed.

For all ages and experience levels
Simple to rig, easy to launch
Lots of buoyancy for safety
Large carrying capacity – Room for all the family
Designed to meet the total family’s requirements in every respect
One boat – Two rigs: Bermuda or Mono can be used interchangeably
Motor or row, as yacht tender
LOA: 3.25m
Beam: 1.37m
Sail Area: 6.3 sq.m